4 Easy Steps to Secure Your Facebook Account

4 Easy Steps to Secure Your Facebook Account

The existence of social media like Facebook is indeed making it easier for users to always connect with friends and family. However, sometimes Facebook users don’t realize how much data they have on social media that might be vulnerable to leakage.

Since the outbreak of user data leakage scandals which also involved data analytics company Cambridge Analytica, Facebook continues to prioritize the security of its users’ data. Facebook also has several features that its users can use to secure their personal data.

Here are some tips and tricks that Facebook recommends to its users to secure their data:

1. Perform a Security Check regularly

Security Check will help users to review and add security to user accounts. Security Check has several functions, namely, removing Facebook accounts from applications and browsers that have not been used, getting notifications if someone wants to access a user account from an unknown device, and learn how to protect a user’s password.

2. Enable extra Facebook security features
The two-factor authentication feature is one of the industry’s best features in providing extra security for internet service users. With this authentication method, every user wants to enter his account using a new device, Facebook will provide a notification or email containing a special code to complete the login process to Facebook. 
Facebook users can enable two-factor authentication through the Security and Login Info section in Settings. 
3. Review what applications are connected to your account
Users who often use the “Sign in with Facebook” option to access other applications must periodically review applications that are connected to their Facebook accounts. This routine review will help users to ensure that their Facebook account is only connected to applications that are trusted and used regularly.
To review applications that are connected to a Facebook account, users can visit the Application Settings and Website pages. On this page, users can also delete applications that are no longer used. 
4. Find out about your Activity Log Activity
log is a Facebook feature that records all activities that the user performs chronologically, starting with the most recent one. Activities that are stored include posts that you like, posts that you comment on, friend requests that you receive, places that you visit or photos about you, and others. 
We recommend that users review their Activity Logs regularly, so that if there are activities that are considered suspicious they can be detected quickly. The user can find the Activity Log in the lower right corner of the cover photo.