Unveiling of the camera under the opposition screen

The camera under Oppo’s screen causes him to disappear close to the notch… 

     Oppo presented a prototype smartphone with a front camera hidden under the screen. This promising technology could permanently eliminate the notches.

     On 10 December 2019, Oppo, organized a special event at its Shenzhen headquarters for its Future Technology Conference 2019. 

     The event saw many notable announcements and participants. Oppo, presented real prototypes with a new technological solution that will arrive in the very near future. This includes an under-screen camera, eagerly awaited on a smartphone prototype.

     The iPhone first introduced the idea of having a display notch on top to house the camera and other modules needed for FaceID. 

     Since then, we have seen countless phones with display notches, some smaller than others. We’ve even seen different types of notches and punched camera modules.

          However, many people are still skeptical about cameras on motor mechanisms and are almost always not 100%. Therefore, the process of building the camera under the screen seems to be the best solution so far. To date, no OEM has released a device ready for mass production with the technology.

     At last here is a technology that will put everyone in agreement, the camera under the screen. First presented in June, the USC as Oppo calls it (for Under Screen Camera) has the main advantage of being virtually invisible.

     The screen is completely edge-to-edge, and has no notches, which offers an undeniable visual comfort. Unlike smartphones like the Oppo Reno, OnePlus 7T, and Huawei P Smart Z, which hide their front cameras in a pop-up drawer to achieve the same feat, this prototype does not hide any mechanical parts.

          Amazing technology

     It seems that we are finally coming out of the era of notches and pop-ups, Oppo has managed to find a solution to hide the selfie camera, so we don’t have to worry about the notch or any kind of distraction. Yes, a selfie camera under the screen.

     The camera is integrated into the screen and there are no openings or physical holes on the body of the smartphone itself.

     In addition, the Oppo under-screen camera smartphone appears to be buttonless, in that there are no volume or power buttons on the body of the smartphone. 

     The exclusion of the physical buttons does not mean that the new smartphone will not have them.

OPPO revealed that the buttons are designed with pressure sensitivity. The camera hidden inside the screen is smaller compared to the other version that OPPO exhibited in June this year. 

     The size and location of the camera makes it difficult to locate it with the naked eye on the body of the phone. OPPO officials call the innovative new camera placement, “Panoramic screen in perspective”.

      A full wireless charge in 80 minutes compared to 30 minutes with a wired connection.

     Oppo unveiled its 30-watt wireless VOOC technology. More concretely, Oppo promises a full charge of a 4,000 mAh battery in 80 minutes, all wireless. The Chinese manufacturer has announced that its technology will be integrated into a smartphone by 2020.

     OPPO said the phone is only a demonstration machine, which is constantly being developed and the technology is being reviewed internally, but has not revealed when it will be commercially available.