Play Game Boy on Your Android!

Play Game Boy on Your Android!

Video game peripheral manufacturer Hyperkin take retro flair for the Android smart phone with Smart Boy Developer Kit, which could allow the owner of Game Boy cartridges to mess them to their mobile phone.

Smart Boy Developer Kit There emphasis is to be able to, though, because as the name suggests, the kit, which began shipping in December, aimed at developers. This includes also the beginning of a firmware application and open-source that “will allow developers of a whole category to advance this Hyperkin build time toward a model of retail-ready,” according to the product Web page.

In other words, Hyperkin built hardware and expect you, the developer, to build software. still a lot of promise in the device with $ 60, though. It is compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color game cartridges, and includes also a complete set of buttons Game Boy.

You slip your Android mobile phone into the case-what 5- or 6-inch wide cellular telephone can be implemented, Hyperkin said. the cartridge itself occurs in the slot on the back of a mobile phone. There is a micro USB port for charging two terms, although it could be accessory has been able to run the phone battery.

Actually playing the game, though, may require a little tinkering. Hyperkin promising percentage of the profits of the whole unit smartboy retail-ready to be marketed to anyone who could improve the application of serial smartboy and firmware. Build will be uploaded to the dedicated forum Hyperkin Lab.

Hyperkin missing field in this concept-clever and novel expressed the iPhone compatibility. The company had originally promised that the running Game Boy compatible just going along with the iPhone 6s Plus $ 749.00 at Apple Store. Companies do not directly address the request for ideas launcing kit for Apple compatible.