Founder SwiftKey Regret after Microsoft acquired SwiftKey

Founder SwiftKey Regret after Microsoft acquired SwiftKey

Regretfully after Microsoft acquired SwiftKey. That someone named Chris Jill-Scott, a government site designer. Chris Hill-Scott, with Jon Reynolds and BenMedlock is the founder of SwiftKey in 2008. Then they set up a company TouchType Ltd which become ‘parents’ SwiftKey, and Hill-Scott made a director in the company.

But he resigned three months later, the reason can not stand too long working hours and income uncertainty. The other two also, Reynolds and Medlock, acquired the shares of Hill-Scott and replace it with a bicycle.

Hill-Scott then continued his career as a designer and photographer. While Reynolds and Medlock continued development of SwiftKey, and released the first version of the app in Android in July 2010.

SwiftKey continues to grow, up to now have more than 160 employees, spread across three offices in Southwark, San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea. SwiftKey also working with Samsung to supply a keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Until finally SwiftKey Microsoft acquired with a value that is quite expensive, ie USD 250 million. The acquisition of Medlock and Reynolds each got a part of USD 36 million, while Hill-Scott was just bite the fingers.

Through his Twitter account, the 29-year-old man mentioned that it was ‘the biggest mistake I ever made’, before finally locking the social media accounts,