Apple set iPad Pro mini size !

Apple set iPad Pro mini size !

Apple reportedly preparing updates to hardware line tablitnia. You let my hosting company Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak was touted as the iPad Pro Compact.

It was mentioned in the original report of Japan page, “Mac aootakara”. They are in fact often makes predictions of what the device will be released from Apple. Until now is guess never far.

In the report this time, Apple will be releasing three variables listed iPad Pro. Two updates of version 12.9 9.7 inches and inches.

And another new variable with a smaller screen size, 7.9 inches. According to “aootakara”, a variant of th

Specifications alone are not much different from other iPad Pro. Apple Tech will display True tone. It hangs a camera 12 MP and four speakers and a smart connector.

For those of you who are upset with the loss of 3.5 mm audio jack, and I think it won’t happen on iPad Pro. Still hangs the Apple Tablet PC port later.

News revealed three versions reserved for iPad Pro “Mac aootakara” increasingly strengthen securities analyst just JFK “report” created by Koh Ming chi in August. It’s just that he did not mention the alternative 7.9 inches, but instead of 10.5.

Where is the report true? We have to prove that when Apple launched its iPad latest Pro. Company list as stated in Cupertino, California, United States which will be released in March 2017.
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