Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Fold 2, Samsung foldable phone

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Samsung foldable phone 


      The Samsung Galaxy Fold was a highly anticipated device.
It first suffered from defects, but it finally arrived on the market a few months ago, becoming the most premium Samsung device currently on the market.

     A fugitive video on the web shows the model being manipulated. This folding model should be presented at the same time as the Galaxy S20.

     The Galaxy Z Flip is no longer a secret to anyone. Samsung’s second folding smartphone was revealed in a video on Twitter. 

     You can see a hand manipulating it, opening and closing it. As expected, the device looks pretty thick, but once unfolded, its 6.7-inch OLED screen is beautiful. When folded up, the device takes the shape of a simple square.

     The Galaxy Z Flip is directly inspired by Motorola’s new Razr which will be available in a few days. The Samsung model is scheduled to be introduced on February 11th at the manufacturer’s press conference, also dedicated to the much-anticipated Galaxy S20.

     It works like a normal device (albeit with a strange shape factor) when closed, and unfolds into a larger tablet when open. This has made a really convincing high-end device, and we also know that a successor is on the way. 

     Currently slated to launch as Galaxy Fold 2, this version has a flip phone form factor, just like Motorola did with its Razr smartphone.

     What we don’t know yet, however, is how close we are to a release. The device has already had its dose of leakage with images, which tells us that we’re not too far from product launch.

     And according to new reports, Samsung plans to release the device before the Galaxy S11 is released.

     That would make sense given the way the images already appear and how the device appears to be a direct competitor to Motorola’s Razr phone, which in addition to being a shell phone, contains mid-range specifications.

     This device is supposed to carry a price tag of over $1,000 and may also have mid-range specifications, as evidenced by the dual rear camera configuration seen in the images.

     Of course, nothing is official, not even the name of the phone, as this “Galaxy Fold 2” doesn’t look like a complete successor to the Galaxy Fold until it comes from Samsung itself.
     So we have to wait until we see it announced. If Samsung’s next flagship products are launched during Unpacked 2020 before the MWC, it’s likely that we’ll see Samsung’s new fold at CES 2020 or some other event in between.


     As mentioned earlier, the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a flap design reminiscent of the popular form factor of the 2000s. In other words, the phone will unfold vertically instead of opening like a book.

     Judging from the recently unveiled photos featuring the so-called Galaxy Fold 2, the phone will have a flexible main screen with an Infinity-O cutout, surrounded by fairly thick glasses that make it look a bit cheap.

     Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the clamshell suite has a very small cover screen to display key information such as time and notifications. A dual-camera configuration is located right next to the small screen.

     Samsung appears to use the same hinge design used by the original model, but it is unclear whether any aspects have been changed to promote durability. The hinge appears to share its color with the rest of the case, and the phone could be launched in black, white and purple.

     Overall, the Galaxy Fold 2 is intended to be a compact phone that can unfold to become twice as big. It doesn’t quite follow the same philosophy as the original model, which was more focused on combining the phone and tablet form factors into one device.



     The Galaxy Fold 2’s internal flexible display should be between 6.7 and 6.9 inches. The exact number of pixels is unknown, but the aspect ratio seems to be higher than usual.

     Samsung is working to eliminate the durability issues that plagued the original Galaxy Fold by improving the more durable flexible screen protector, which is based on ultra-thin tempered glass rather than polyimide.

     However, it is unclear whether these new technologies will make their debut with the Galaxy Fold 2 clamshell, or the actual direct sequel to the original Fold, which is scheduled for release in the second half of 2020.

     As far as the cover display is concerned, there is simply not a lot of information to pass along, but it is clear that this will not be the main selling point, as you can see in the image above.

It is related to practical uses and maybe even basic notification animations, but there is nothing exciting about it.

Cameras and other specifications

     There is little information currently available on the full specifications of this device. However, it should now be obvious that the Galaxy Fold 2 valve has very little in common with the original model.

     Camera configuration is just another area that could not be more different from one device to another.

     While the Galaxy Fold, comes with no less than 6 cameras, the Galaxy Fold 2 clamshell, seems to be equipped with only three shooters, one of which is a selfie camera integrated in the Infinity-O display cutout.

     The other two rear-facing sensors seem rather disappointing, especially since most Samsung smartphones now have at least two main cameras. The Galaxy Fold 2, however, is simply content with a few sensors, which means it should be missing a telephoto or ultra-wide lens.

     The exact specifications of these sensors are unknown, but one could have a resolution of 108 MP, while the other could be a telephoto lens providing a 5x optical zoom, leaving the ultra-wide sensor out of the equation.

     We are also fairly confident that the Galaxy Fold 2 will have a 900 mAh secondary battery, residing in one half. It will probably be used to power the small screen in the lid, while a larger secondary battery should power the more demanding flexible panel and other internal components.

 Software Features

     The Galaxy Fold 2, launches App Continuity through the window. Samsung’s custom software designed to seamlessly transition applications from the cover screen to the larger flexible panel and vice versa is no longer required by the flap design, as the cover screen is not capable of running applications.

     Judging from what we know so far, there is little custom software that the Galaxy Fold 2 clamshell will offer. There is simply no need for anything too sophisticated, and a 2.0 user interface coupled with Android 10 should be enough to provide a complete experience.

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     The clamshell form factor will present a different software challenge for Samsung, in that applications would resize when the device is folded in half and if additional features could be enabled in that position.