Solution If You Have Been The Victim Of Ransomware Attack

Solution If You Have Been The Victim Of Ransomware Attack

So serious a threat of Ransomware, need any prevention efforts to avoid cyber attacks on this one. But what if they become a victim?

Ransomware is currently one of the types of Internet Security malware Jagat most harmful. In her work, the perpetrators of cyber crime used by ransomware will be ‘ held hostage ‘ sacrifice and ransom sum of money if you do not want to lose data or published to the public.

In response to growing this malware attacks masivnia, Kaspersky Lab joined the Dutch national police, Europol and Intel security initiatives that make them more than any ransom call “from the site.

This site provides a number of tips on preventing Ransomware that familiar, among other things, always backup your data, do not open suspicious attachments or file link and use anti virus software.

On the other hand, the initiative “ransom” is also expected to prevent the Ransomware method reduces the revenue generated for the perpetrators of cyber crime.

As is well known, many victims of Ransomware ranging from individuals to institutions such as universities, hospitals and Government agencies even resorted to paying a ransom worth thousands of dollars to cyber criminals, with the hope that the importance of the data can be returned.

“We strongly recommend that you not meeting the demand for Internet criminals. Because there’s no guarantee they will provide the key to unlock encrypt your files, “said global research Manager APAC team Kasperky lab analysis & kamlok event, Vitaly Kaspersky Lab in cyber security weekend in Jimbaran, Bali.

Kaspersky says you may often see cases where the perpetrator of cyber crime, and even ask for more money on the victim, and after I obeyed their desire for ransom.

“Therefore, we recommend the victims, both individuals and businesses reporting such incidents and build security forces to fortify yourself from cyber attacks,” sibotnia.

Solution If You Have Been The Victim Of Ransomware Attack

No more ransom, also provided tools to detect and decode ransomware. Users can download the encrypted data and figure out what type of malware that is infected. After that, users can also see if you can delete malware or not.

In this way, Kaspersky and other organizations that have joined this initiative “no ransom” can help users of data that has been infected, prevent accidents Ransomware through lower revenues generated by criminals.

Here are the things to note, if you have already become a victim of Ransomware attack.

1. when your files hostage, try Ransomware not pay ransom. This attack Ransomware show effectiveness and make cybercriminals continue to ask for money.

2. try to restore files with the help of a backup copy of the file if it is still there.

3. you can see the name of the malware that infects your machine. It is possible that malicious software is an older version weriltif easy to restore files.

You can access a number of suggestions for preventive measures and the decryption tool files in Users can also report cyber crime going on around them.