Resale, Galaxy Note 7 Remains a hard Sell !

Resale, Galaxy Note 7 Remains a hard Sell !

Sales for the new version of 7 Note already free from the battery problem is ready to continue all over the world. In South Korea, and sold 7 Note officially again citizens responded there turned out to be very positive.

Samsung reported 7 note more than 21 thousand were sold on the first day of the sale again. Shook off fears that consumers will not buy 7 note.

“This amount is very nice because the Smartphone market in Korea, we consider the sale of up to 10 thousand a day a big hit. Certainly need to consider whether this machine will continue to sell well, but now at least in the domestic market, Samsung managed to rebound, said the source.

In Carousel, already over 80% of early buyers note 7 was the phone. In total, 90% of consumers choose 7 Note Exchange cell phone rather than retrieve or recover.

After the sale, the Republic of Korea will continue around the world, including the United States, Asia and Europe. Work quickly recall and Samsung sell version 7 note a bit many companies save face. Though note the sales drop 7.

“Call resolution is the perfect step. But the sales projection 7 Note slope up 6 million from previous 12 million units, said Hwang Sung-min, an analyst at Samsung securities.

“The call will not hurt the brand image of the company, it must do so quickly,” Kim Ho skirt of “Hana financial investments.” Samsung’s stock price actually declined, but later as being recovered.