Hackers offer data from two escort forums for sale!

E-mail addresses, usernames, and passwords of about 330,000 users are for sale. Hackers were able to read the data on a Dutch and an Italian escort forum through a security hole in the forum. Criminals could blackmail those affected.

image by wilirax
https://www.hookers.nl/ Website Hacked by Hackers

Hackers offer user data of two escort forums to buy. Approximately 330,000 users data hacked from two Italian and Dutch websites Escortforumit.xxx and Hookers.nl, which are intended for the provision of sexual services. Hackers could blackmail users with the data. First, the online magazine ZDNet had reported.

Both forums were operated with an outdated version of the forum software vBulletin. This should have attacked the hacker with a known vulnerability and have read out the user data. Affected are around 33,000 users of the Italian forum and just over 300,000 users of the Dutch website. In addition to the users’ e-mail addresses, the attacker was also able to read out the user names and passwords. The password has been hashed, but with the old hash method MD5, which can easily be bypassed.

At the Dutch forum, the attacker was also able to access the data of the paid subscription system. In the extract, which could evaluate ZDnet, but should have found no payment information. However, a distinction between Escort and member. Both forums have confirmed the data leaks.

According to the report, the attacker offers the data for sale, how much he asks for is unknown. After a similar case in the flipping portal Ashley Madison in 2015 after a hack about 1.1 million user data for sale. The users were then blackmailed by criminals by e-mail and mail. An affected person reported that $ 4,167 had been demanded of him. Even with Ashley Madison the passwords were hashed with MD5 and could be cracked. One year after the Ashley-Madison hack, the Adult Friend Finder dating site was hacked and the account details of 412 million users of the site’s network of websites were posted.