Five of the Unit’s replacement Galaxy Note 7 return fire in America

Five of the Unit's replacement Galaxy Note 7 return fire in America

Replace Unit Galaxy Note 7 users receive after calling supposedly really unsafe. It is said that the phone again to fire in the United States. Last occurrence befell owner named Daniel Franks in Houston, Texas.

Galaxy Note 7 belonging to the Franks burned when he was in a restaurant with his family. In fact, Franks said the new version of Exchange in the best buy in the store last September.

And had five cases where cell phone burning Galaxy note 7 ‘s new version, which should be safe – in the United States within one week. Samsung is cooperating with law enforcement authorities investigating a series of incidents recently.

“We will publish the results once the investigation is completed,” Samsung said in a statement. The US consumer product safety Commission (IRC) involved in the investigation.

Earlier, the same cell phone reported similar incidents in some areas in the United States, no, Virginia, Kentucky, Minnesota, on a trip from Louisville to Baltimore.

User reported new version of Galaxy Note 7 in Taiwan also smoke machine suddenly while being at a pouch pants. American Airlines has halted the exchange programme Galaxy Note 7 AT&T the old version with the new version, regarding the above reports.

Galaxy Note 7 owners the old version which is pulled back (remember) wanted to swap the device with a phone other than “Note 7” Galaxy new version. T-mobile cell phone service is said to have applied the same policy. Update on the case, telling the suspended production while Samsung Galaxy Note 7.