Ericsson showcase LTE 4G speed 1 Gbps

Ericsson showcase LTE 4G speed 1 Gbps

Ericsson claims to have found a breakthrough to double the speed of its 4G LTE network. The Swedish company has software for a commercial LTE 4G network upgrade so much speeding. The solution will be showcased at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona. Named Gigabit LTE solution that he supports download speeds of up to 1 Gbit / s. It works in three components that support Carrier Aggregation combined bandwidth up to 60 MHz.

The new LTE 4G technology from Ericsson seems welcomed by most operators. “We are delighted to partner with Ericsson to demonstrate the capabilities of end-to-end 1 Gbit / s network first in Tesla,” said Mike Wright, Director Tesla which is the operator in Australia.

“The latest innovation from Ericsson’s LTE will enable us to improve the user experience in a variety of applications and media streaming,” he said again.

But of course, Ericsson’s solution can not be enjoyed en masse in the near future, depending on the adoption of the future operator. And besides that to reach the top speed, Ericcson states required a new handset with a compatible chipset, which may not be available later this year. LTE 4G network is still a filmed sexy for telecom infrastructure manufacturers such as Ericsson and speed improved. Moreover fastest 5G networks are estimated to be implemented in 2020.

In addition to Ericsson, Huawei is also developing similar technology in the 4G LTE network. The Chinese company, which promises 4.5 G LTE network they are over speeding will be a breakthrough in this year.