Play Store For Android Wear ?

Play Store For Android Wear ?

With applications for store wearing robot “, users can then purchase and install applications directly from smart watches them.

Some people may think, who want to browse apps on the small screen hit 1.5 inches? In fact, Waller shows Google play store “wearing robot”. Google claimed said that, based on input from the user.

“Ask the developers, what else you want from” wearing robot “? The answer, they want to make it easy for users to find an application, Lam Hoi Google Developer advocate, quoted from Google code.

Lam Hoi and his team consider this idea. According to him, granting the request will help developers reach more users, as well as facilitate the application users get.

“So we did a study to find out where they want to find the application. They want to be able to find the application directly from the watch itself, “sambongnia.

Google Android 2.0 with full feature application stores wear. Not yet ascertained whether application store name, run on Smartphones and tablets, or Google will choose a new name.

Therefore, this update adds 2 wear the robot the ability to install and uninstall applications completely in smart watches, without having to ditandim with your Smartphone.

Just like the app store on your Smartphone or your Tablet PC, users can also search for applications using voice search feature, keyboard, handwriting recognition or recommendations.