How to Block Youtube Ads (The Simplest Way)

Since youtube has been used as one of the vast advertising site nowadays, some people find this ads annoying unless they have an interest on it. Me, myself, I found it annoying too especially when ads runs more than a minute that you still have to spend 10 seconds of your life to skip it. Well, we all know how important the ads is for the advertisers is, but for some youtube surfers (us), what more important to us is the video that we play right? so since some browser developers provided extensions that blocks ads, im gonna show you how to install it in the SIMPLEST WAY.

For Chrome Users,

SIMPLY google search “how to block youtube ads”

Click on the link “Adblock for Youtube”

SIMPLY click on the “Free” button shown in the figure to add the extension on your chrome browser

Afterwhich, Viola! you can now experience youtube without ads.
To note, this add on is one of the popular adblock in chrome, there still more around there, I only recommend this one based on the review itself for good feedbacks. This is not perfect since few users are complaining, but for me, ill give this 98% rate because I was using this add on and it works fine.

For the firefox users,

I recommend you to use

Adblock Plus 2.6.7  NO RESTART

by Wladimir Palant

Its all-in-one, blocking ads not just only youtube, but the ads on the other sites as well. According to its reviews, this is the best addblock with 5 star rate, 20 million users and 4,000+ user reviews.