Samsung Sero vertical screen

Samsung The Sero: a TV for Netflix, but also TikTok, Instagram and Youtube   


         Samsung continues to develop its The Sero: a vertical television that pivots. 

     We already knew about it, the Korean manufacturer has plans to market it worldwide.

     “A screen for the mobile generation”. That’s how Samsung presents “The Sero”, a TV in portrait or vertical mode. 

     Presented at the CES 2020, this television has a diagonal of 43 inches and is dedicated to the millennia, the generation that uses its smartphone for everything: communication, watching TV series or playing games.

     The goal is to allow the smartphone’s image to be balanced on the TV set and thus enjoy a display that is almost 10 times larger. 

     Samsung is even pushing the novelty to offer this vertical orientation by default to watch Instagram or YouTube, or to scroll on Facebook and Twitter.

Compatible with iPhone

     Fortunately, it is, of course, possible to orientate it in the more classic Landscape mode. Everything is motorized. No need to get up and do it manually by placing your fingers on the edges or even the slab. 

     You can do it with the remote control or an application installed on your smartphone. And if you have a Galaxy smartphone, it’s completely automatic. As soon as you tilt your smartphone, the TV follows the movement.

     The good news is that “The Sero” is compatible with any type of smartphone, even the iPhone. So it integrates the AirPlay2 system to display videos or the screen of an iPhone.

     This TV remains a Samsung high-end TV, with a QLED panel in 4K UHD definition, Micro Supreme UHD Dimming technology, and Quantum 4K processor. 

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     With AirPlay 2 integrated, streaming from the smartphone is also provided on the iPhone, and the NFC chip facilitates pairing. We don’t have the release date and price information yet.