WatchOS 6 Gets Its Own App Store!

WatchOS 6 Gets Its Own App Store!

Apple makes WatchOS 6 standalone. In the future, apps can be installed and run directly on the Apple Watch. There are also new fitness features and better support for streaming apps.

The upcoming WatchOS 6 will have its own App Store to install third-party apps directly on the Smartwatch. The connection to an iPhone is no longer required. It should also be possible to buy apps directly from the clock and app updates are made directly from the clock. Besides, Apple introduces an API that allows other providers to program apps for the use of streaming services.

With the new version of WatchOS comes a series of new dials that provide more information than before. These dynamic dials allow direct access to specific apps, contacts, or information to make them more convenient than before. Besides, acoustic signals can be played at any hour – just as digital watches from the 1980s have been able to.

With WatchOS 6 comes a calculator app, an app for voice memos and listening to audiobooks. Besides, new functions were integrated around health. The activity app, which shows more statistics, has been extensively redesigned. With a cycle tracking app, women can log their menstrual cycle and read the expected time for the next period and fertile periods. The cycle tracking feature will also be integrated into the Health App in iOS 13.

Those who spend more time in loud environments should be warned with a new noise app. The app measures the noise level in the environment and shows the user when it is very loud in the environment and thus the hearing can be adversely affected. If necessary, the app can continuously measure the noise level in the background and tell when a value of over 90 decibels is measured. To do this, the microphone of the Apple Watch turns on again and again to measure the volume. Apple promises that this will not be recorded by voice.

Apple wants to bring WatchOS 6 in the fall of 2019 on the market. For developers, there is a pre-release version of WatchOS 6. The new operating system will appear for the Apple Watch models Series 1, 2, 3 and 4. The first Apple Watch will not receive the update.