Woops !! Samsung Galaxy S5 fell off the plane while recording video

Woops !! Samsung Galaxy S5 fell off the plane while recording video

While on the air on a small plane, Blake Henderson is trying to catch a video of another plane in side-by-side. Suddenly, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone was released from the hands of the man from Tennessee, United States, and was thrown out of the plane. The smartphone is in a state of permanent video recording.

The footage shows that the smartphone swirls in the air before it finally landed. Fortunately, the landing place is not a hard surface like road or ground asphalt, instead a bush of ornamental plants. The phone survived as it continued.

So someone saw it and was messed up after there was no man’s smartphone recording the video between the leaves of the plant.

“Oop, that’s your phone,” said the man who invented Henderson’s Samsung Galaxy S5. His face was taken in a mobile video. “No, my cell phone is in my pocket,” said another confused.

After investigating the browsing, the inventor of the phone succeeded in identifying Henderson as the owner and returning the Galaxy S5 to the owner.

Henderson admitted that the phone was thrown out of the plane window when he suddenly experienced turbulence.

The phone crashes from an altitude of about 300 meters. Fortunately, it does not affect people or corrupt choice items. The video of Henderson’s phone is available at the following link.