Kitkat accused of artificial game founder Apple game

Kitkat accused of artificial game founder Apple game

After leaving as the name of a version of the Android OS, snacks, chocolate, the wafer, Kitkat, once again in contact with the world of technology.

This time in a way that interfering while Nestle Kitkat as a trademark owner plagiarized the concept of Atari game called Breakout in a video ad.

Video advertising shows a line of people of all ages playing while sitting on the couch The game has a similar view to breakout in which the player is to break the ball out a row of bars on the top side of the screen.

Kitkat accused of artificial game founder Apple game

The ball bounces down to crush the beam. Players must move the ball back towards the beam by moving a small board at the bottom of the screen. In the video advertising, Nestle replace the rays with kitkat chocolate.

“Nestle cheats the breakout screen, replacing the blocks with Kitkat, as a result, invites consumers to” break “and buy more chocolate,” wrote Atari in his lawsuit.

Breakout game itself was created by Steve Wozniak, assisted by Steve Jobs. Duo founder of Apple made breakout as a successor to the game Pong, Atari game console.

A spokesman for Nestle said that the video is an old ad that will be broadcast in 2016 in the UK and will no longer be broadcast.

“We knew that already filed on the lawsuit (Atari) in the US and will defend themselves against the accusations said the spokesman.