Elon Musk : AI Much More Dangerous than North Korea

Elon Musk : AI Much More Dangerous than North Korea

North Korea later inflamed itself after the dispute with the United States. The country’s dictator threatened to launch a nuclear missile at the US military headquarters in Guam.

Nonethestotroot also these probably dangerous threats are nothing compared to the artificial intelligence (AI) dangers. At least this is according to the technology figures of Elon Musk.

“If you are not concerned about AI security, you should feel so.” (AI) in excess of riskier than North Korea, “Tesla and SpaceX founders drew on Twitter, over the weekend.

If you’re not concerned about AI safety, you should be. Vastly more risk than North Korea. pic.twitter.com/2z0tiid0lc

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 12, 2017

Elon Musk was also a picture of a woman who looked anxious. In the photo, there is a caption that reads: “In the end, the machine is in danger as if the Terminator movie series reminds us of the killer robots offered by the evil AI to control the world.

Elon Moschus is not against AI. He himself has funded a startup company called OpenAI, which is to promote the development of AI responsibly.

OpenAI has now exhibited AI to study the popular computer game Dota 2 and defeat a professional player in the game.

No one likes to be organized, but everything that is harmful to the public (cars, airplanes, food, drugs, etc.) should be arranged. In addition, with AI, “continued Moscow, emphasizing his view of the need for regulations on the development of AI, in order not to be inconsistent and eventually second violin men.

“The biggest obstacle to the knowledge of the dangers of AI is that they are too smart to imagine that choices are doing what they can not do,” he concluded.