Production Of The Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Series Willing Note?

Production Of The Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Series Willing Note?
Samsung Galaxy 7 Note rumored that Samsung is considering making longer Galaxy series. And strengthened following the news.
Samsung is said to have plans for just one premium annually to ensure high quality products, having problems when note 7.
During this time, Samsung is always issued two flagship models every year. ‘ Galaxy S ‘ at the beginning of the year and the note Galaxy in the middle of the year. It’s time to release a very short and difficult competition that is likely to affect the quality of their products.
Problems that occur in the ‘ Samsung Galaxy note 7 ‘ else suspected since the release schedule as well as proceed with upscale features equipped Samsung drop 7 ‘ iPhone ‘. Battery problem dear makes everything so spread out.
Then next year, maybe just ‘ Galaxy ‘ to Samsung S8 swashbuckling in the upper class. And made sure the features top notch very quality note to prevent events from Galaxy note 7 ‘ back.
But so far, the main brand to warrant out for 2011 is still limited to speculation. “Samsung does not notify the supplier change strategic plans two flagship models, but if so can affect the supply of components, connect to the source of the” Korea Herald.
“At the moment, everything is still guessing about what will be done to recover from the events of the Samsung ‘ Samsung Galaxy note 7 ‘, but of course it will make changes in current marketing strategy as well as on the side of the product portfolio,”.