Computer Freezing Problem: Common Causes and it’s Basic Solutions

Computer freezing is one of the common computer user’s problems nowadays. It is very annoying problem for it happens all of a sudden every time. This is a difficult issue, in many cases, you won’t even get a pop message or anything that your system is freezing and not responding. Usually, when it happens, either your mouse or keyboard are working, but you can’t fix the issue that way and the last option you have is to hit the restart button. On a regular basis, there are many reasons why your computer could be freezing, generally, there are few common problems that causes this trouble. It could be hardware or software issue, virus/malware infection or corrupted system files.

1. Hardware Issues

This is one of the most common root of the problem. Any hardware attached in your system could be the reason, this can even give you a blue screen of death (BSOD), an indication of your hardware incompatibility issues. To resolve this trouble, try to check all your hardware and replace the possible piece with a functioning one. Let’s see if this can fix.

2. Hard Drive sectors mishap

Damage Hard drive sectors causes the system to freeze because it cannot load the necessary information and unable to respond read or write requests. There are two types of damage or bad sectors – the physical/hard and logical/soft. This problem can cause data loss or even drive failure that will cause your system to bug down. To check and repair this issue, use the windows built in Disk Check tool or chkdsk, this will scan your hard drives for bad sectors and repairing it to make them function well again.

3. Virus, Spyware, Malwares, adwares everything…

Anyone can get this nasty pests in the internet, and it’s free. Commonly, they are the reasons why a system is freezing, they can corrupt data on your system, or even erase everything on your hard disk. Install a good anti-virus program and perform a deep scan to get rid of them.

4. Corrupted system files

When your system files are compromised, your computer is sick. Windows files corruption is commonly caused by a virus or sudden shutdown due to power interruption, naturally, this will make the computer slow or even freeze. Fortunately, Windows has several tools to repair this kind of problem. You can use System File Checker – a utility in Windows that allows users to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files.

5. Software Issues

Some softwares can crash a computer especially when it’s poorly built. Even browsers can freeze up your system when a bad script is executed. Usually, when it’s too bad, everything will be unresponsive. To solve this issue, uninstall the erroneous software, or if it’s on a browser case, try to reset it or re install.

6. Memory Issues

Freezing issue can also occur when you’re using your computer with high memory usage, RAM amount starts going close to maximum until no space left for disk cache, system becomes totally unresponsive. Get rid of this issue by controlling memory usage, uninstall unnecessary softwares, reduce browsers memory (chrome especially), or use third party softwares that reduce and boost your memory usage such as Wise Memory Optimizer, Ramrush etc.

7. Too much Data on Hard drives

The more files you save in to your drive the less space you can have, and there’s accumulative effects in your computer. A hard drive with too much data can also slow down your computer, causing freezes and crashes. You need to free extra space, uninstall unnecessary programs in your system, move files from your Primary drive to secondary drive or external storage, execute disk clean up to erase unnecessary files in your system.

Sometimes, the situation can became worst, freezing problem can get real serious if this happens randomly, it’s alarming. If you’re struggling with a crawling and very unresponsive system, you must do something about it! Determine and fix the problem before it will ruin your computer.