How to Change Default Startup Messages on Windows

This tutorial will show you the trick on how to change the default startup messages in Windows such as:

Logging Off..
Change Password
Logging your Computer
Windows is shutting down..

Take Note that this trick is only tested on Windows Vista and Windows 7 version.

For Instance, I wanted to change the “Welcome” text on my startup to “Welcome back Orionatutics” as shown below:

Change to:

Or I would want to change the “Logging Off…” message to “Orionautics Logging Off…”

Change to:

This Default Startup Messages are recorded on winlogon.exe.mui file of the windows System. You can Modify this strings using resource editing software that is able on compiling, viewing, decompiling and recompiling any type of Windows executable (*.exe; *.dll; *.scr; *.mui etc). In this tutorial, we will be using Resource Hacker by Angus Johnson.

Before proceeding, one should understand that modifying system files can possibly cause problems in Windows, thus, to be safe, creating a restore point before doing this tutorial is advised. In case some mistakes may be made then you can do a system restore at boot to undo it.
  1. You must have the admin rights upon doing this tutorial.
  2. Follow the steps correctly to avoid problems.


  1. Open Windows explorer and navigate to C:WindowsSystem32en-USwinlogon.exe.mui

  2. Copy the winlogon.exe.mui file to your desktop.
    You need to Take Ownership on the winlogon.exe.mui copy to set the permission allowing you to have Full Control on the file.

  3. Download and Install the Latest Version of Resource Hacker 
  4. Run the Resource Hacker as administrator

  5. Load the winlogon.exe.mui file from your desktop
  6. In the left pane of Resource Hacker, expand String Table, you should see string table 63 to 313

  7. Click on String Table 63 – 1033, and modify any of the strings:
  8. After you typed your desired message, click on the Compile Script button and save.
  9. Resource Hacker will create the winlogon.exe_original.mui backup on your desktop to be used incase you want to restore any changes. 
  10. Copy the modified winlogon.exe.mui file from your Desktop, and Paste it into the C:WindowsSystem32en-US folder

    Click on COPY AND REPLACE if prompted.

    You might be unable to paste the file on the destination folder C:WindowsSystem32en-US for security reasons, all you need to do is to take ownership of the system folder. To easily do this  just follow this LINK: How to EASILY Take Ownership of all system files, folders, and drives in Windows and adding it to the Context Menu

  11. Open command prompt as administrator and type mcbuilder command to activate the changes you made on the system.
  12. Restart your computer
  13. To see the changes made, open Start Menu and click on either Log off, Restart or Shut Down.


Running a sfc /scannow command will lose all changes made to the system file from this tutorial since this command will restore back all other system files to default.