The reason Google Employees Create Smart Mirror

Internet of things make objects become “smart” through connection with the Internet network. The latest, a Google employee named Max Braun created a “smart mirror”. The goal is personal, namely that Braun stay updated with the latest information despite being in the bathroom.

By doing so, he could be more comfortable to linger in the bathroom.How smart the mirror? Simply put, the mirror has a dual role, namely as a conventional mirror, and a giant screen that can show the temperature of the weather and the latest news.

The reason Google Employees Create Smart Mirror

The mirror is composed of two-way glass, a display panel, controller boards, and other technical components. Programming interface is simple, only able to display the latest information from the application “Forecast” and “Associated Press” automatically. Display other applications can also be based on the wishes of the author.

The mirror can also respond to voice search. Looking ahead, Braun wanted to add the capability of smart mirror to know traffic information, remind schedule, as well as other skills that are affiliated with Google Now.Braun claimed to see the mirror is very thin, only a few millimeters. Coding to the interface is also claimed to be simple, involving only hundreds of lines of code.

Braun experimented implement API that he has made for smart mirror through the Chromecast, Nexus Player and Fire TV Stick. So far, Braun has not found the obstacles to develop the smart mirror.As a result, every morning, while brushing teeth or shaving the mustache in the bathroom, Braun could keep track of the latest information and the most important. For a while, Braun still satisfied using smart mirror exclusively. There is no intention to commercialize the technology works.