Mark Kruger Killed Because his iPhone

Mark Kruger Killed Because his iPhone

Cancer patient named Mark Kruger. Because his iPhone to make it stretchable lives. So the story Kruger had a brain tumor and pain severe enough. Therefore he should be in bed all the time.

“He lost the left side of his hand,” said Iryna, wife of Kruger.

Told Iryana, her husband has a habit of storing the phone and purse under the pillow. This is so that Kruger felt safe.

“He felt less safe while their daughters were not in the vicinity and when I go to work. So she wanted her phone was nearby,” said Iryna.

Kruger dear habit that causes death. iPhone caught fire and caused the smoke that filled the room. Because Kruger could not move, he was forced to inhale too much smoke. As a result, the lives of 53-year-old man was floated.

According to the Fire Department’s scientific advisory Berkshire, England, Jonathan Fuguet, the fire was caused by Kruger puts his iPhone under the pillow when to recharge the battery. As a result the battery to overheat and catch fire.

“It’s like a phone put into the fire, but more slowly (process),” said Fuguet.

“Unfortunately, Kruger are located near the source of the smoke can not escape because of a medical condition,” he added.