16 SEO tips for your site

          SEO, On page off-page SEO


     According to some studies, of course, the first page of Google results, the top-ranked pages, have this number of words, at least several thousand, and it shows the user, and google, that we pose as specialists and not just by coming out with a bogus 300-word article, totally generic.

              Optimize the internal network of the site

     Optimize its internal mesh, especially with internal and external links, it is said that you need no more than five internal links on the same page, on the same article, the internal conflict is a link on your article to another page of your site, and that you need a maximum of 5 per page, I’m talking about the content of the article, of course, the menus are not taken into account because there are links in the menus, but that the menus are automatically detected by Google or the search engine, as a menu, so no need to worry about that.
          Sharable content
     To strive to make content shareable is to create interaction, for that it is necessary to create new and relevant content that can be shared. Contents that are directly duplicated, but whose ideas are clearly inspired by another article, will not interact, they are not shared, so always bring new content.

          Image Optimization
     Optimize the images, including adding a name before the meters on your site, add keywords, and the alt tag that really serves as SEO tags for images, then if you’re on WordPress, it’s simple everything is provided, and you’ll be able to fill its fields directly without intervening on the code.

          Optimization of permalinks
     The permalink is the links “the URLs” that define the structure of a site, so again, on WordPress, we will be able to set directly the permalinks, so what is advisable is to use a permalink format that takes the title of an article, not a bogus and random ID number, and then in its links, we will be able to put the keywords of the article directly.
          Add a Sitemap
     A Sitemap is as its name suggests in English, it is a map of the site, which will allow robots to google, crawl, that is to say literally crawl, to be able to index these pages if necessary.

     You can create a Sitemap very easily, by typing on google, Sitemap generator, which we will be able to put directly on the Search Console, is once again WordPress, offers plugins to directly integrate a Sitemap.
          Social networks
     Social networks have a direct impact on SEO, since all social networks, at least most of them, including Facebook, for example, offers only nofollow links, that is to say, all links that leave Facebook, to your website, will be in nofollow, that is to say, that Google will not take into account this link, it will be invisible to google.

     However, social networks are a significant source of traffic, so it’s a kind of indirect organic SEO, because it does not directly improve SEO, but it brings traffic, so boost SEO through this traffic, social networks are essential today.
          The secure https protocol
     Switching your site from the HTTP protocol to the https protocol, the latter being the secure protocol, apparently google, would better reference sites being switched to https, so if your site is still indicated in HTTP, it will be good to switch it to https.

          The backlinks
     That is to say, links pointing to your own site, you should know that the backlink was the leading method to optimize and reference your website, this was valid before some google updates.

     Today, this is no longer the case, because there has been a lot of abuse, including sites that create empty shells, to create thousands of links to their sites, and so google realized this, and penalized those sites, so today the weight of the backlink is much less than before, it still keeps a certain impact, of course not necessarily negligible.

     There is always the method of guest blogging, that is to say, to create content on another site, competitor or not, and in exchange for this creation of content, we are entitled to a link pointing to your site.

     The ultimate method to create backlinks is to create viral content, create shareable content if the content is really good quality, we will have backlinks that will be created naturally.

          Optimize the Title tag

     The title tag is an HTML tag, which corresponds to the title of a page, it’s good not to forget it and to integrate the keywords of his page in his article, I remind you that a page must have a single title tag.

          Optimize the structure of his articles

The HTML structure breaks down into several subtitle tags, let’s start with h1, then h2 and h3.

     H1, corresponding to the main title, h2, the subtitle, h3, the subtitle, etc. is that allow you to direct google on the structure of your site, and help it to understand how they work.

     In general, it is not necessarily necessary to go beyond the h3 tag, by having three levels of tagging, you already give good information about the structure of your articles to google.

          Optimize the meta description

     The meta description corresponds in particular to the text that appears on google results, so if you are on WordPress, it can be done via the Yaost plugin, so an SEO optimization plugin, in this meta description we could, of course, integrate these keywords, and it is recommended not to go beyond 200 words.

          The density

     Density is the frequency of a keyword on the same page, on an article, for example, if we have a 100-word article, and the target keyword appears once, it will mean that we will have a density of 1%, in general, we recommend having a density of between 1 and 3%, but still, when we reach a density of 8 or 9% to see beyond 10% google will clearly understand that we are really trying to shield the article, or the keyword page, we could very quickly be penalized by google robots and therefore not go beyond 5% density.

          The title of the page 

     The title of the page that appears on the google results, it is said that the title should not be more than 60 characters long, and it is good to place the keywords at the beginning of the title.

          The keywords long tail

     It’s good to use not very generic words, words of the long tail, the famous long tail, for example, if I use the keyword guitar, that’s a very generic expression, very competitive, and it belongs to the field of the short tail, the long tail, it will be for example electric guitar blue mauve and yellow, very specific, it’s very rich. With the arrival of vocal research, people are doing their research more and more with long-tail expressions.

          Use of the video

     Video is the most consumed format today, we can see that Facebook is becoming almost a video platform, to try to compete with youtube, is, therefore, a video, if it is well done, it can be a significant lever for SEO.

     The fact of integrating youtube videos, from your channel to your site, well it will allow you to give weight to your youtube channel, since each time someone will view your video even from your blog or your site, you will have more views to count on your youtube channel.

     Video is not for everyone, but it is clearly an interesting SEO lever.