15 shocking habits of successful people

          Why is the state of mind important for success?


         Many people believe that what makes the difference between successful people, and others, is only related to the environment in which they grew up, they imagine them as privileged people to whom luck would have smiled from birth.

     In reality, the main difference between the rich and the poor lies in the habits that make up their daily lives. To better understand the keys to their success, here are 15 shocking habits of successful people that you should integrate into your life.

           Taking care of your appearance without overdoing it

     One of the first habits of successful people, and to take care of their appearance, they take a daily shower, pay attention to their hairstyle, and to the cleanliness of their outfit, having a neat appearance, play a decisive role in our society, largely based on the image.

     A well-kept person gives an impression of seriousness, which encourages more people to trust him, it is also the proof that they respect themselves, a badly shaved person, with a hairdo in a mess, and dirty or wrinkled clothes, will send back the image of someone negligent who does not control his life, and who is unreliable, and therefore has little chance to be offered a professional opportunity, or to evolve.

     Likewise, if they wish to take out a loan to invest, the bad impression produced, risks putting off the banker, on the other hand, those who have succeeded, avoid excesses, such as the abuse of perfumes, too conspicuous make-up, or fancy false nails, far from giving a positive image, such exaggerations reflect above all the bad taste, and lack of measures of the person who indulges in them.

          Wore sober, quality clothes 

     Successful people, generally have a rather minimalist conception of fashion, they have understood that elegance, does not lie in Bling Bling, but in sobriety, had a wardrobe full to overflowing with clothes from luxury brands, and a waste of energy and unnecessary money and that the rich have understood this, they have better things to do with their time than to waste it choosing their next day’s clothes, and prefer to invest their money in assets.

     Those who have succeeded, furnish their wardrobes with a series of sober basics, with timeless colors, easy to match in all circumstances, the privilege quality over quantity and buy only the quantity of clothes they need on a daily basis, they choose noble materials, and pieces made in the country where they live, rather than clothes from Asia, if they pay more for them at the time of purchase, they know that doing so, is more profitable in the long run, because their purchases will last longer.

           Avoid fast-food restaurants 

     Another habit of successful people, and to avoid eating fast food, or eating industrial food, they know the importance of taking great care of their health, so they are very careful about the food they eat because it is the fuel of our body, meals rich in sugar, processed foods, saturated fats, promotes the development of many diseases, obesity, diabetes, hepatitis, and even some cancers.

     In addition, they do not bring any essential nutrients to the body, this is called empty calories, such a diet slows down the functioning of the brain, and leads to a state of drowsiness that persists during the hours that follow.

     The rich prefer to eat fresh, organic seasonal food is produced locally, they eat large quantities of fruits, and vegetables, which are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and other essential trace elements.

          Doing sports 

     Sport is another key habit of successful people, they find the motivation to practice physical activity several times a week, there are many reasons for this choice.

     First of all, it benefits their health, maintains their body, protects them from diseases such as myocardial infarction or stroke, but it is far from being the only benefit they derive, through this practice, they can maintain their taste for effort, self-surpassing, and their spirit of healthy competition.

     Athletes are also capable of greater self-discipline than others, and for good reason, going to train even when you don’t feel like it, helps to build a strong mind.

          Going to bed early 

     Successful people have a lifestyle focused on maximizing their productivity, they know that going to bed early is essential, because it allows them to get up early, to get on with their day.

     As it is in the early morning and before noon, that we are most productive, they make sure that they can get up at dawn, go to bed before others, also protects their health, good sleep is essential for body and mind, so they go to sleep early in the evening.

     Those who have managed to escape from parties that drag on into the early hours of the morning, which involves a lot of expense, and make the next day a wasted day.

     They have also understood that leisure activities, which require staying up late, have nothing to offer them, their time is precious, they avoid wasting it, the only reason why they sometimes agree to stay up late and work.

          Reading every day

     Indeed, successful people are used to reading every day, many of them devour one or more books a week, most of the time it is non-fiction, which allows them to broaden their knowledge.

     The rich do not see reading as a mere hobby, but as an indispensable pillar for their personal and intellectual development.

     Reading regularly stimulates brain activity, maintains memory, and improves cognitive abilities. Finally, those who are successful do not just read, they synthesize the content of a book, to extract the most interesting information, and apply it to their business, the speed of implementation of new ideas is decisive in the success of a company.

          Having useful hobbies 

     Like all of us, successful people have free time, which they spend on leisure activities.

     However, unlike the majority of those who have a poor financial situation, they choose them with care. 

     The rich, avoid time-consuming, addictive, and unconstructive leisure activities, such as watching television, surfing the internet, or playing video games, they know that spending time passively in front of a screen, will not enrich their lives, instead of escaping into a virtual universe, they prefer to build their success in reality.

     Therefore, they focus on activities that allow them to acquire new skills, to develop their mental faculties, to improve their well-being, or to expand their network. One of the habits of successful people, to occupy their available time, is to do volunteer work.

     Devoting themselves to others, and redistributing a part of what they have, holds an important place in the lives of many business people, and many recommend keeping a third of their time to help people who have been less successful.

          Practicing meditation

     The vast majority of successful people practice meditation on a daily basis, they have integrated it into their personal daily routine, making it an inseparable part of their lifestyle.

     Meditate regularly, brings many benefits, first of all, meditation allows to learn how to observe emotions, to understand them, and better control them, it helps especially, to channel stress, which is essential to succeed, and assume heavy responsibilities.

     Meditate, gives hindsight on situations in order to react in a more thoughtful than instructive way, and brings lasting inner peace, so many reasons why it is a habit of successful people, that all those who wish to succeed, should reproduce without delay.

           Setting goals

     Unlike the majority, who let themselves be guided by the course of events, without asking questions, all successful people set themselves goals to achieve, they know that to move forward in life, it is essential to know exactly where you want to go.

     Rich people define their goals in the following way, they start by setting a long-term goal, for example, over five years, then they define several intermediate goals, for example, over a year, each of them is a step that should help to achieve the long-term goal, finally, they apply the same principle with short-term goals.

     In doing so, they know precisely what they have to accomplish, as well as the actions needed to get there, they even try to exceed the goals they have set themselves, the taste for the challenge is one of the keys to success in all areas. 

          Creating opportunities 

     Instead of relying on luck, successful people all have an infallible habit of succeeding, they create opportunities for themselves, where the poor are passive, waiting for luck to smile on their faces.

     Those who succeed, have understood that it is up to them to provoke opportunities when they seek to reach a goal, they study each situation carefully, to turn it to their advantage, they are not afraid to be bold, and to take risks, even if these are always calculated, it is by dint of perseverance, and by showing a strong sense of anticipation, that they build their success, without relying on the help of hypothetical chance.

          Never be discouraged

     Contrary to popular belief, all successful people have gone through difficult times, and failures before succeeding. What makes the difference between them and others is that they never get discouraged, they get up every time they fall, and learn from every experience.

     They have understood that failure is not the opposite of success but inaction when you try something, there is no failure, either the business succeeds or things don’t go as planned, but you come out enriched because you learn.

     The rich systematically apply this principle to overcome every obstacle that stands in front of them, and turning it into strength, the mind is an indispensable condition for prosperity and wealth. 

          Following the example of those who are even more successful 

     Successful people are used to taking inspiration from those who are even more successful, far from being jealous of them, they are admiring them, and seek to understand how they have achieved their results.

     Many people succeed by following the example of a mentor who motivates them and stimulates their entrepreneurial spirit, they have no reason to be envious of those who have more because they know that it is up to them to succeed in reaching the same level, that is why they form a quality entourage, made of positive people whose success exceeds their own, this strategy creating a powerful emulation effect that encourages positive evolution.

Overcoming fears and pushing your limits     

     Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous phrase, “do something every day that terrifies you”, is the basis of another unavoidable habit of successful people, they are aware that our fears are our only real limits, which can be overcome through the will to overcome them.

     The rich, know that courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to manage it and that the greatest fear is that of the unknown. By constantly pushing their limits, they get used to their brains reacting to unexpected situations, which allows them to become ever bolder.

     People who succeed, take nothing for granted and make sure that they are constantly evolving so as not to be caught unawares by the changing world, embrace change, and go out to meet it instead of being resistant to it.

           Remaining humble despite success

     Successful people are used to being humble, never arrogant, when taking on a new challenge. They know their value, so they don’t need to try to overstretch their success, they know that everything is always perfectible and that it is more constructive to move forward than to live on past successes.

     His fighters never lose sight of the work they have had to do to reach their position, he respects those who make the same efforts and knows how to remain accessible.

          Never stops learning 

     Last habit characteristic of successful people, he never stops learning, when others think they already know, they know that knowledge and capital is the most valuable, but that it must be constantly maintained, otherwise it will be reduced in a rapidly changing world, they are keen to keep abreast of the latest discoveries in their field, and in everything that they may be interested in closely or remotely.

     Their activity is curious by nature, their mind is always eager for knowledge, which they can use to their advantage, specialized books, seminars, working groups, specialized training, all means are good to enrich their culture, and they devote a part of their profits to it.

     This expenditure is an investment that they will have the opportunity to make profitable by improving their business, thanks to what they have learned, all the rich have grasped it, life is a source of perpetual learning, and that is precisely what makes its wealth, and it is no coincidence that the information trade is a timeless market, more flourishing than ever, which holds knowledge also holds power.

     Thanks to these 15 shocking habits, successful people succeed in attracting success and abundance into their lives, and in keeping it, it is the basis of their way of life, it is more valuable than the sums in their bank accounts because it would enable them to rebuild their fortunes if one day they had to start from scratch.

     To achieve the same success, it is up to you to take inspiration from his habits, and to put them in place in your own life without delay, so it is true that it requires rigor, and discipline, but the benefits obtained will far exceed the efforts made.